Amsterdam’s development as a smart city contributes to ambitious climate goals through technology-enabled sustainable solutions and changing behavior. A multinational company providing consulting and professional services has been instrumental to the city of Amsterdam in new concept development, prioritizing of initiatives, coordination of multiple partiers, and project initiations. A few examples from which install shore power connections for ships (ship to the grid) in Amsterdam harbor to allow green energy to replace polluting diesel generators onboard. Or minimize energy use without negatively impacting the functional and living comforts provided by the building to employees (ITO Tower/ ITO-toren). There are sensors that can register energy use and ensure lighting, heating, cooling are operated as much energy efficiency as possible. Or test smart technologies in 500 households to increase awareness of energy use (West Orange program).

Key Activities: Accelerating of climate/energy programs. Driven by smart technology and the need to bring about behavioral change






The purpose of Human Being – Human Life
The intention is life itself, unconditional love. Awareness, which means we must be aware of who we really are, with all the possibilities.
Mind calming down needs elimination of negativity
One of the key problems that braking my possibility to get relaxed is feeling any type of negativity. Here are some guides that I use.
About core nature, environment and education
When I talk about the core nature in us - I speak about consciousness. When I talk about the transformation of the environment - I speak...

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