Equitable City is committed to inclusive, fair, and just planning, policy development, and a community outreach and engagement process that centers and prioritizes lived experiences and evidence-based solutions to create and sustain safe, healthy, and livable communities. The goal of an equitable city is to reconnect communities suffering from disinvestment through transportation planning and research that focuses on the way the community experiences their streets.

The digitalization of healthcare has been evolving for many years globally, and especially in the USA – from telemedicine and remote patient engagement to new digital approaches for diagnostics and information exchange. Like the technologies themselves, the term virtual healthcare – or digital health – is continually evolving to encompass new approaches and digital developments. While there are no officially agreed definitions, the terms virtual-, tele-, digital- and e-healthcare all tend to have a broad scope that includes technologies for remote patient communication, education, diagnosis, and monitoring. In addition, digital technologies and software for HCP-to-HCP information exchange and administrative/operational functions are also included under this umbrella. The ability of HCPs to communicate with patients in a digital manner is not groundbreaking. However, healthcare managers’ shift in mindset and decisions to push these technologies for live video calling, audio, and instant messaging have opened patients’ eyes to the benefits and possibilities that remote healthcare offers. The inherent cost-savings and increases in efficiency then also benefit HCPs. Connected-health devices and remote patient monitoring (RPM) technologies enable HCPs to monitor patients, and so the opportunity to automatically report on a patient’s health as they go about their day-to-day lives is hugely beneficial to both parties. It can provide health measures for patients and help facilitate healthcare decisions from afar.

Key Activities: Equitable City, Integrated Energy Research for the future, Transforming healthcare through hospital and clinic digitization and telemedicine

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