National Football League match video broadcasts via 5G and AR networks


Verizon leveraged 5G to showcase a Super Bowl soccer game in February 2021. Using Verizon’s 5G Super Stadium solution on the National Football League’s mobile app, users could access seven different angles of the match while watching the game at the stadium. When viewed from home, only five viewing angles were available. Users could also explore game stats in AR.

Verizon invested more than $80 million to expand its network for the Super Bowl game. It installed 113 kilometers (70 miles) of high-speed fiber, an upgraded Distributed Antenna System and 281 small-cell antennas at Raymond James Stadium and surrounding areas, which provided coverage not only at the event but also in the area around the stadium.


The technology reduces the risk of coronavirus spread at sporting events by enhancing the ability to view the event remotely.

Project Announcement:

February 2021


Verizon elevates Super Bowl LV with 5G built right; delivers immersive fan first
Verizon Is Talking A Big Game About 5G At The Super Bowl

Technology: 5GAR

Geography: U.S., Tampa, Fla.

Object of implementation: Raymond James Stadium.

Developer: Verizon




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