A business approach is driven by data


Bismart has been providing IT solutions for data management and analysis for more than 10 years. Bismart ensures data quality, process efficiency, and the simplicity and clarity of the user interface, always based on a correct understanding of our customers’ goals and needs.


Bismart helps organizations get the most out of their data by developing business solutions from a strategic and tactical point of view. Bismart’ss technology-based methodology helps companies compete in the digital age.

At Bismart we are experts at implementing solutions with the most successful Business Intelligence tool: Microsoft Power BI. We are one of its few Gold Partners in Business Intelligence since 2009 and focus on:

– Transform data into stunning visual objects and share them on any device.
– Visually explore and analyze data, locally and in the cloud, all in one view.
– Collaborate and share in custom dashboards and interactive reports.
– Distribute them with an integrated governance and security system.

Technological Solutions


Adequate data integration between systems is key in processes such as the consolidation of subsidiary data, the loading of data into a data warehouse, and communication between management systems so that business flows are not interrupted.

Management and storage

Bismart does not only implement solutions for data storage and/or analysis. Bismart ensures the quality of the information and that it is easily accessible and understood by users.


Bismart covers all aspects of advanced analytics (descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive) taking special consideration of the user interface and its design and usability.

Business Solutions

Bismart’ss work model is oriented to the identification of insights through a process that pursues the generation of business growth on a data intelligence basis.


  • Aligned with business objectives
  • Internal and external data
  • Multi-source
  • Qualitative / quantitative


  • Setting key KPIs
  • Empathy map
  • Pains / Gains Analysis
  • “3i” Insight Model


  • Automated dashboards
  • Opportunities map
  • Strategies and action plans


  • Definition of methodologies
  • Fixation/tracking of metrics
  • Fine-tuning and iterations
  • Formation







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