The community of the island city of Richmond requires a solution for city disaster management that strongly supports the community safety of the city. In March 2019, the Smart Cities Challenge Project Team completed the City of Richmond’s submission to Infrastructure Canada – intending to win one of two $10 million prizes.

The proposal includes initiatives that will minimize community impacts in the event of a major disaster. And also enhance the quality of their day-to-day lives. For both, those who live, work, as well as those who visit Richmond.

After months of collaboration across City departments and with a range of local businesses, the results of the Government of Canada’s Smart Cities Challenge are in. It’s a joint success between Technology companies, government, and academic sector partners, as for example Federal Innovation Superclusters Initiative program active participants.

While Richmond was not one of the winners, enhanced relationships, the projects already initiated and the learnings from the process will benefit our community for years to come.

Intelligent operation hub

The project includes initiatives that would minimize community impacts from major disasters, while also enhancing our quality of life in day-to-day activities.

The Smart Cities Challenge is a national competition created by Canada that encourages communities to adopt smart city approaches. The goal is to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data, and connected technology.

The City of Richmond proposes to create an Intelligent Operation Hub. This Hub seamlessly integrates data. Hub coordinates emergency response, while also enhancing day-to-day delivery of key local services.

In addition to enhanced emergency response and recovery, the proposal includes initiatives to improve traffic management, reduce collisions and congestion. The solution also mitigates the impacts of climate change.

The City of Richmond has developed a transformative and ground-breaking proposal for the Smart Cities Challenge. It will minimize community impacts from major disasters, while also enhancing our quality of life in day-to-day activities.

Innovation Superclusters Initiative

The City of Richmond has developed a transformative and ground-breaking proposal for the Smart Cities Challenge. It will minimize community impacts from major disasters, while also enhancing our quality of life in day-to-day activities.

Working together with other levels of government, private and academic sectors integrates mutual technology to protect island cities against the impacts of climate change.

The solution also enhances the mobility of people and goods. Enables more informed decision-making for both everyday situations and emergency response, integrates communications and strengthens community resilience.

Implementing Smart Cities’ vision will surely further transform Richmond. It will secure our future as a dynamic, informed community, made more resilient by using digital technology to bring the best of our City’s resources together.

Our engagement during the Finalist Phase has already resulted in private sector innovation and investment to help test our Smart Cities solutions. This includes an exciting collaboration with MDA Corporation under the Federal Innovation Superclusters Initiative program. Also the support of the biggest market players, like for instance IBM and Tibco. This also attracted local and international businesses and provincial government support. As we expand our focus on how we collaborate, we know this is only the beginning of many more partnerships.

Smart Cities Journey

Richmond’s Smart Cities journey has essential lessons learned that are replicable and will benefit all cities, communities, and people across Canada. A blueprint for Community safety management represents another effective way to support Smart City concept development.

Smart City solution proposal works through a four-word alliterative process: Collect -> Connect -> Crunch -> Communicate.

Data will be collected from an array of City and partner sensors across the City and shared through integrated communication networks. Through physical and virtual participation in an Intelligent Operations Hub, agencies will quickly analyze the collected information. Later they use it to make timely and effective decisions. These decisions guide day-to-day service delivery and response to emergencies.

A comprehensive digital delivery network coordinated from the Hub will power an ever-expanding suite of on-demand e-services for residents and businesses.

Emergency notifications and general community information in multiple languages will be delivered directly to the public. There are various information delivery methods. For example, via home computers or smart devices and digital information screens throughout the public domain.

Documentation structure of the Smart City of Richmond

Community Safety Planning

  • Community Outreach and Public Education Plan
  • Fire-Rescue Plan
  • Richmond Digital Strategy


  • Flood Mitigation Strategy
  • Official Community Plan
  • Social & Sustainability
  • Community Wellness Strategy
  • Social Development Strategy
  • Sustainability Framework
  • Sustainability Progress
  • Community Energy & Emissions Plan




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