Dubai at all costs wants to meet the title of “city of the future” and “capital of the world”. In addition to the already ready-to-run pilot programs in government departments, Dubai can implement another 20 services on the blockhouse in 2018.

“City of the Future” is rightfully considered one of the most technologically advanced and smart cities in the world. The government even formed a special body called Smart Dubai, which should move the community towards absolute technological success. This area includes the implementation of services based on the blockbuster. As consultants are IBM and Consensys.

As explained by Smart Dubai CEO Aisha Bint Buti bin Bischer at the Unlock Blockchain Forum: “The field of application includes various industries, including in the management of traffic, roads, and transport, as well as in energy, health, and education. These 20 applications are now in pilot development, and we expect results to be evaluated. ” It should be noted that the technology is already used in land registration operations, in the test mode, there are blocking initiatives in such sectors as the Migration Service.

Forecasts of Smart Dubai indicate that the block will help the government save 25 million hours of productivity per year. He has already changed the way of providing city services and transformed key aspects of the city.

“While some are still discussing the prospects of this technology, we are working and we are turning Dubai into a blockade capital of the world, and we have already begun work in this direction,” adds Bicher.

Today it became known and about serious intentions to investigate the blockage from the international system of information transfer and making payments SWIFT. The company’s management has signed an international agreement to study the use of technology in post-trading processes, such as proxy voting.

The Memorandum was signed with seven central depositories of securities, including Nasdaq Market Technology, SIX Securities Services, Strate, Caja de Valores, and Deposito Central de Valores. The working group is going to study how to save money and optimize the processes after the trade.

“This is a complex area, and there are regional differences in how it works, so our goal is to conduct the CSD [distributed accounting technology] by the whole world to focus on the general outlines,” said SWIFT chief executive Steven Lindsay.




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