The essence of the features of smart transportation is to make the entire transportation infrastructure more convenient and safer. This implies that smart transportation must be able to leverage the use of modern technological systems to be able to transform public transportation. In this regard, technological innovation will play a significant role in the development of all features of smart transportation as well as transportation planning. Evidence indicates that transportation networking can only be enhanced when modern technologies are utilized to improve efficiency, convenience, and security. Sensors and smart devices which are collectively referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT) devices must be able to ensure that all features of smart vehicles can function securely and effectively.

Smart Transport

Transportation plays an important role in people’s daily lives and this implies that all features of smart transportation must be able to utilize systematic operations and management to reduce the risk of chaos. This implies that engineers must put into consideration aspects associated with architectural design, consulting, implementation of systems, as well operation through the application of modern technological systems. This would be instrumental in maximizing the efficiency of operation and transportation systems by enhancing the convenience and safety of smart transportation systems.

Automated Fare Collection (AFC)

The presence of an AFC system where payment is done via smart cards would enable smart transportation to realize increased efficacy, convenience, and profitability. This is because a unified and patient-oriented payment technology would be able to enhance the success of smart transportation through the application of necessary equipment, services, and solutions. Another feature of smart transportation is the fleet management system (FMS) that offers dispatching and planning timetables to optimize the movement of drivers and smart vehicles. This technological feature tends to track down in real-time the location of smart vehicles. Therefore, transportation companies and drivers would be in a position to maintain efficient intervals and optimize the dispatch of vehicles in order to make the entire transportation system more efficient.

Smart Traffic Management System (TMS)

TMS is another crucial feature that would be essential in the management of a smart transportation system. TMS would have the capacity to offer systematic and integrated solutions across transportation networks and traffic management. Therefore, these features would be loaded with systems for tragic information analysis that would enable experts to monitor real-time incident management of traffic flow. Transportation companies and enforcement authorities would have the capacity to access advanced control of traffic signals as well as enforcement of traffic violations and thus improve the efficiency and safety of the entire transportation network.

Tri-band WI-Fi Support

Telecommunication is a crucial component of smart transportation since it enables engineers to understand the way smart vehicles are performing and can thus control any problems before they worsen. The presence of tri-band Wi-Fi supports various aspects of smart vehicles especially when it comes to connected transportation with solutions that are designed to facilitate a wide range of connectivity. Telecommunication devices must have the ability to take into account issues associated with reliability, safety availability, and maintainability. In this regard, these features would ensure that the smart vehicles are able to meet the quality standards and requirements that define the smart transportation system.

Platform Screen Door (PSD)

PSD is an important technological feature that would enable smart transportation to cater to the increasing number of passengers more efficiently. Studies have shown that the number of passengers who will be using public transportation systems will increase drastically over the coming years. Therefore, PSD is a safe facility that will entail the use of sliding doors that would enable passengers to access smart vehicles more efficiently. The sliding doors are usually interlocked and they ensure that the transportation system is safe and secure for all passengers before the smart car can start moving.

General Smart Technologies

Engineers have been challenged to develop smart technologies that would be instrumental in overcoming the numerous challenges that may be witnessed when it comes to product development. Some of these obstacles are associated with flexibility, urban mobility solutions, sustainability, and human-scale systems that are able to utilize the existing urban city infrastructures. Modern technological features should be able to control, manage, improve and track traffic in order to eliminate congestion. Traffic monitoring would also be essential in providing additional transportation efficiencies which is completely essential for the effective management of smart transportation systems.

Holistic Transportation System

The features should be able to offer a holistic transportation system and solutions that combine a wide range of technological innovations. Such features include technologies that promote the use of smart street sensors, Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) solutions, and self-driving cars. These transportation features should also have the capacity to provide an opportunity to network directly with cities as well as regulatory bodies. All developers should also agree on benchmarks that would be instrumental in setting best practices and standards for the wide-scale deployment of modern technologies. This would ensure that a smart transportation system will remain functioning efficiently since the transportation network will be able to make the vehicles move more efficiently and intelligently.



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