Kalasatama Wellbeing – Improving the standard of living of citizens


Finding new solutions that will improve residents’ lives, through the implementation of digital solutions

April – November 2018 Piloting digital solutions


The Kalasatama Wellbeing program allows small and medium-sized enterprises or developers of digital solutions to test Kalasatama Wellbeing program enables small and medium-sized enterprises and digital solution developers to test their prototypes in real-life settings with real users. As part of the program, some of the selected projects receive funding: € 1,000 – 8,000

Selected projects were:

MealLogger A mobile graphical diary, which uses machine learning to Providing nutritional guides.
Miils A service for food shopping, which provides information about nutrition and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Auntie a mental health therapy program that uses artificial intelligence
Moodmetric a measurement program for managing mental tension
MelloVR software for virtual aimed at reducing mental stress of the user


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