Kalasatama Wellbeing – Improving the standard of living of citizens


Finding new solutions that will improve residents’ lives, through the implementation of digital solutions

April – November 2018 Piloting digital solutions


The Kalasatama Wellbeing program allows small and medium-sized enterprises or developers of digital solutions to test Kalasatama Wellbeing program enables small and medium-sized enterprises and digital solution developers to test their prototypes in real-life settings with real users. As part of the program, some of the selected projects receive funding: € 1,000 – 8,000

Selected projects were:

MealLogger A mobile graphical diary, which uses machine learning to Providing nutritional guides.
Miils A service for food shopping, which provides information about nutrition and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle

Auntie a mental health therapy program that uses artificial intelligence
Moodmetric a measurement program for managing mental tension
MelloVR software for virtual aimed at reducing mental stress of the user





Deliberately ignore negative situations
Try to find the positive in every negative situation. Wake up at unpleasant circumstances, assess the importance, and change your attitude.
Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you must change
Don't believe anyone who tells you that you must change yourself in order to succeed. Chasing false goals, you will either achieve nothing...
When and how to use “mirroring” in communication
Gestures, expressions, postures, pitch or tone of the partner are imitated both in personal communication between partners or in the family...



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