The reference model a document that briefs you about the basic interactions between solutions in the existing Smart City project.

Reference model purpose

The purpose of the reference model is to grant you highlights about the pros and cons related to existing, particularly Smart City. “Our Digital Vision is a key factor for each country to implement smart cities,” says the Smart Cities Association representative.

Every city’s smart roadmap is a long journey. Knowledge and full collaboration are key to success in the first place. As well as use case priorities and Internet of Things (IoT) applications that benefit the citizens and governments. Moreover, to establish the city roadmap for its digital and smart transformation also practical methods are mandatory.

Smart cities association know-how

One size does not fit all. Smart Cities Association provides its detailed know-how. They explain the process for every specific smart city part across all its complexity. Reference Model is established for selection and prioritizing approaches. Process guidance charges from the most advanced cities and their experience. Those who are struggling with fundamental issues to reach their transformation into smart prosperous towns.

Association members provide the necessary intelligence on smart cities through research, case studies, smart solutions, white papers, reporting, and publications — in detail the best practices about global solution infrastructure, IoT, smart technologies, and platforms. The Smart Cities Association also conducts its studies and reports to help to achieve its mission by promoting successful smart cities transformation.

Smart Cities Association

The Smart Cities Association is a non-profit organization managed by community experts. Its members and partners platform commits to illustrate growth strategy and development of smart cities mission.

Association promotes the smart cities roadmap and reference model through collaboration towards a truly digital smart city transformation. Generally speaking, the association is committed to applying the new mindset for the smart and happy living ecosystem. Enhancing the quality of life of the citizens and ensuring the sustainable development of their cities and the digital economy.


The Smart Cities Association provides an interesting model, however, we recommend reviewing several models from more authoritative sources, like a Microsoft Next City or SAP Smart City Revolution.

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