With changing trends and the emergence of technology, is needed to have an advanced techno-driven setup. Recent times invite you towards luxury, comfort, and ease of handling your real-life situations happily. SMART BUSES is one such creation of the modern-day geniuses that offers secure, safe, and convenient transportation to the common masses and which is specially designed while keeping in mind the modern-day need of bridging distances in a moment.

Smart buses are made with a variety of upfront features that are a trademark of the modern-day advancement and progression in the field of Information and Technology (IT). Transportation means have also been adopted massively in great favor of the general masses.

One of the unique features is e-ticketing. Such a facility is readily available on the internet where people approach it by merely touching a few buttons in their smartphones. E-ticketing allows you to travel without having the trouble to stand in the queues for the purpose. Moreover, you can even pay for your ticket via online means, credit/debit cards, etc.

A smart bus has the facility by which you can track it in real-time and accordingly plan your schedule. Apart from this, you can also plan your visit by using the trip planner option on your smartphone.

Smart buses are loaded with an automated system of exuberance and comfort. It allows you to use a consistent range of WIFI throughout your travel. An unfailing supply of air conditioners/ heaters keeps you protected from the severity of the weather.

Many smart bus companies are offering comfortable seating-cum-bed for longer trips where television sets are also installed with 24/7 broadcast of news and movies on your favorite channels.

Not a surprise, now smart buses also carry toilets within. A long journey and no toilet make your journey uncomfortable and docile. But the presence of one makes it all the more amazing astounding to relish upon.

Smart bus automatization trends

A far trendier and latest mode of smart buses is the one where automated passenger counts are installed. These underneath belts in the bus’ pathway can sense and calculate the total count of the passengers. Such a facility diminishes the need for a conductor who used to ensure passenger counts, their identities and payments, etc.

Smart buses display information for the passengers about the arrival and departure of the bus through LEDsmart screen boards. All the buses keep displaying the route/to and from to guide the passengers completely.


Smart bus passengers scan their passes while coming in and out of the bus. Passengers in wheelchairs may like to confirm the accessibility of wheelchairs beforehand as many smart buses carry the feature by laying out a separate belt for them. Some of these buses are spacious enough to carry bicycles at the back of them which is a great convenience for the passengers.

In many smart buses, vendor machines are also available from where the passengers can easily get desired stuff to eat and drink.

Smart buses include spacious seating arrangements. The provided legroom space keeps you exceedingly at home as you can relax by sitting or resting in the area in front of your seat.

A voice from behind keeps you updated about your location and the destiny ahead. This bus speaker helps you to keep track of your destination so that you can manage your activities by evaluating the distance-pack up if the destiny is near or continue if the distance is long yet.

Actual Problems of Smart Busses

Due to its appeal in terms of cheap fares, comfort and safety, smart buses are becoming popular among the masses especially students. In many countries, governments and stakeholders are working to upgrade their buses according to the current needs of the time. In this regard, educational institutions are already keen to provide as many facilities to students as possible even while traveling.

Installation of a small library, electronic poles for using gadgets, and smart screens on windows are some of the other options for the smart bus.

People find hardly any shortcoming in the smart bus because of its affordability and convenience, loaded with digital equipment at the lowest/ subsidized rates. In view of these beneficial services smart buses projects are not seeming to stop instead constant up-gradation is the only prerequisite.

Smart Busses Criticism and Controversies

Smart buses are a unique blend of comfort and digital convenience. It costs the least but provides maximum facilities to the general public. In the current milieu of advancement and speed, there is a need to keep pace with the changing technology by keep encouraging the students and experts to continue introducing new and updated technologies and automated systems.

Stakeholders and government can play a vital role in bringing about transformational change in society by using technological means. The use of technology in transportation can be a life-changing experience.

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