The new format of acute care clinics’ medical care


Results Accelerate patient care and alleviate the burden on public hospital emergency departments


The City has opened the first ExpressCare urgent care clinics, which will provide convenient and quick access to care for non-life-threatening conditions. The new format clinics will provide surgical treatment for 45,000 New Yorkers. ExpressCare clinics will be open 7 days a week and will reduce overcrowding in the emergency departments of public hospitals, as well as reduce healthcare costs by providing patients with a faster and more appropriate alternative to visiting the emergency room.
NYC Health + Hospitals partnered with OneCity Health to create this business model to support the goal of reducing hospital workload by 25 percent by 2020

$1.5-2 million It costs to set up one ExpressCare clinic
2018 Opening of the first ExpressCare clinic
2020 25% reduction in hospital workload


Government: Reducing the burden on hospitals
Citizens: Increased access to a range of healthcare services

New York Cityemergency medical care






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