A hybrid car is a vehicle that is powered simultaneously by an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. In recent years, with the emergence of the trend toward more environmentally friendly vehicles, the hybrid car has become increasingly popular. Many global manufacturers are releasing their hybrids, which have enjoyed variable success.

What is a hybrid car

A car with a hybrid engine does not run on a single energy source. The internal combustion engine and electric motor complement each other’s features, allowing for a simultaneous reduction in the load and an increase in the efficiency of the vehicle.

Although the trend towards environmentally friendly transportation is only increasing with the number of exclusively electric-powered cars, hybrid cars remain a popular option for those who care about nature and value their comfort.

Hybrid cars consist of such basic design elements:
internal combustion engine (ICE)

  • fuel tank;
  • electric motor;
  • alternator;
  • battery;
  • power controller;
  • inverter;
  • transmission;
  • battery charger

It should be understood that a hybrid car is a universal transportation option. It will perfectly suit those people who wish to take advantage of new automotive developments, but there are not enough charging stations for electric cars in their region yet.

The main advantages include:

Economical fuel consumption. 25% less than the models of cars that run only on internal combustion engines.

Eco-friendliness. Reducing the amount of gasoline needed to drive the car also reduces the amount of exhaust gases entering the atmosphere of the planet.

Quietness. Reduced power of an internal combustion engine provides lower noise when the car is in motion.

Increased range on a single charge. The full-hybrid powertrain is able to continue running even when the tank runs out of fuel.

Energy accumulation. The use of the principle of recuperation during braking reduces energy consumption and increases the vehicle’s range.


Cost. On average, hybrid models are 50% more expensive than conventional models.

Repairability. It is more difficult to repair a hybrid unit, so the cost of repair will be more expensive.

Batteries. Lithium-ion batteries lose their maximum charge over time.

Quiet operation. Hybrids are statistically 20% more likely to be involved in accidents involving pedestrians who can’t hear them. Buy models with a special beeper to avoid this.



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