HyperloopTT has introduced its first capsule designed to transport passengers with new high-speed transport technology. The capsule is 32 meters long and weighs five tonnes and is almost all made of composite material.

The company introduced its capsule in Spain and will move it to France for additional assembly. They should then use it for the first commercial ride, according to the statement.

High-speed transport technology called hyperloop has been popularized by billionaire Elon Musk, who started promoting it in 2013, and has led several companies to join the development of this system. It is based on the movement of overpressure capsules through vacuum tube tunnels. Passengers can travel at a rate of more than 1,200 kilometers per hour. Transport will be faster than current methods, such as the Maglev train using magnetic levitation.

The center of development of hyperloop technology is now Los Angeles. Here are several companies like Arrivo, Virgin Hyperloop One, and Boring.

In July, HyperloopTT established a joint venture to build a test system in southwest China, Bloomberg said.

HyperloopTT Director Dirk Ahlborn said last year that he hoped the first passengers would be riding a hyperloop in three years.

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