KPMG Smart City platforms powered by data & analytics

KPMG is creating interactive smart cities where technology and physical space come together to improve the quality of life for residents, boost economic development, and improve the overall efficiency of government.

Cities rely on data to be successful. Lots of it, from multiple sources. The monitoring of city infrastructure and environment can show what is happening in real-time on the ground and predictive analytics anticipate what is likely to happen in the future. We help clients leverage data from the city and third-party systems to better manage operational efficiencies, and as providing quality of life enhancements in areas such as safety, mobility and inspections.

Civic technology

Residents are ready to be engaged with cities and to improve their communities. New data and technology allow governments to engage, communicate, and invite residents to participate in government on a larger scale. KPMG helps clients develop well-formed civic technology programs that improve transparency, increase civic engagement, reduce the time of fulfilling public record requests, and tap into communities that can help create innovative solutions.

Financing enablers

Budget constraints are a leading concern for city leaders as investment needs far outweigh available resources. KPMG develops innovative financing structures and Public-Private Partnerships (P3s), which provide a vehicle to provide investments in smart city initiatives.

Join the smart city movement

In the smart city space, KPMG brings a proven strategic approach and an integrated service delivery framework. We are one of the most recognized teams in the U.S. market in providing public agencies with strategic advice, data analysis, and implementation support to help improve the efficiency of government operations and the quality of life for residents.


Deep Expertise: Our team has deep expertise in assisting clients with transformational programs in the areas of Corporate Strategy, Program Management, Technology Integration, Business Operations, and Analytics

Vendor Agnostic: As a firm, we are not influenced by partnerships to push one technology solution over another and work with the client to chose the right technology to meet their needs

Local and Global Team: We will provide the best KPMG resources with no geographical boundaries and leverage our Innovation Lab and Ignition Centers to provide strong collaboration and strategic solutions

Industry Leading Methodologies and Accelerators: KPMG brings methodologies and toolkits that assist engagement teams to accelerate project delivery in a standard and consistent manner


Proven Track Record: We have successfully delivered strategic programs across the world and have the use case, analyst accolades, and client testimonials to back it up.

Strong government experience: We have a deep and robust uniquely qualified delivery team with diverse public and private sector experience

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