A team of ecologists and biologists, led by Daniel Jazen and Winnie Hallwachs, asked the orange juice company in Costa Rica to leave all the orange waste, which they do not use in the beverage industry. So it was about peelings and pieces of pulp. The company gave them all the waste, after all, at least did not have to worry about the processing of the waste.

They picked up the orange waste and drove it to the place where they just left it, and it turned into some orange compost. One year they began with the transfer of thousands of tons of compost to deforested land, which ecologists identified as “dead territories”.

The land was left without further intervention for 16 years and allowed nature to carry out its work. After this time, biologist Treuer went to this place to document the results. He assumed that the soil quality would change in place and would be suitable for re-planting the tree.

The biologist was first confused because there seemed to be no trace of the orange mass, and he could not move on the dense forest side and find the place where the waste returned years ago.

The shocking apparition came only when he looked at the whole area from the top – the helicopter. In fact, the thick green forest was exactly the place where many years ago left a ton of orange waste. The difference between this place and the territory where the peels have not been used is amazing!

The Princeton research team has published results in a large study that, according to biologists, could be a solution for dead, depleted, and deforested land. Ornamental waste is specific in that, in addition to nutrition, it provides soil protection against mold development and diseases that can be signed after a short life of plants and trees.

How can you use it?

Biologists say everyone can use orange waste. Just by mixing it into the soil in your garden. It acts as a rescuer and protects against mold and disease. In addition, oranges (like all citrus) reflect pests that can destroy flora before it grows.



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