The animal registration with a built-in chip


Decrease in abandoned and lost pets


New pet registration system which uses implantable microchips to help people to find owners quickly if their pets are abandoned or lost. For a fee of W10,000  at one of ~900 pet clinics, citizens can register their pets with implanted chips. The project, initiated jointly by the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the Social Insurance Advisory Board, and the Veterinary Medical Association, aims to facilitate the registration of animals to achieve a higher level of responsibility among owners and to reduce euthanasia operations for abandoned animals to zero.

285,000 pets registered in 2018

2013 Introduction of the animal registration system
2017 Decrease in abandoned pets from 11,400 to 8,600.
November 21, 2019 Announcement of the new registration system


State: decrease the number of homeless animals and reduce the cost of capturing and putting them to sleep
Citizens: opportunity to find a lost pet

Seoulpet registration





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