Smart Prague

The implementation of the Smart City concept dates back to 2014 (you can read about the history, organization, and management of projects in previous SPIs).

Currently, it fulfills the goals of the Smart Prague
Concept until 2030, which was created in connection with the existing priorities of the city given by the Strategic Plan of the Capital City of Prague and sectoral concepts, which were then examined concerning the possibilities of applying technological trends. The concept defines six areas: Mobility of the future, Smart buildings and energy, Waste-free city, Attractive tourism, People and urban environment, and Data
area. Each of these key areas is further elaborated into the visions of 2030 based on the best available practice and subsequently into thematic areas for each key area. These are not stand-alone solutions for individual key areas, but a system linked to the city-wide data Golemio, enabling citizens and companies to evaluate and interpret the obtained
data. The data platform manages and evaluates city data as a whole, thus providing city officials with a classified overview of its operation.
As part of the Smart Prague Concept, Operátor ICT, a. s. (OICT) acts as a project manager, using innovative technologies to solve Prague’s challenges and proceeding to the maximum extent possible while respecting competence neutrality in the context of other development projects connected with the digitization of the office. After completion
of the pilot phase, the OICT hands over the projects to the relevant body of the capital city of Prague for the operational phase.

Smart Prague Index

The entire SPI concept was based on the Cities in Motion Index (CIMI) developed by Enrst & Young. CIMI evaluates cities based on mutual comparison in 471 indicators and subsequently aggregated within each thematic area. To ensure consistency and at the same time simplicity, the use of key indicators of the CIMI index was proposed for SPI.
The starting point in creating the methodology for SPI was the 5 + 1 strategic areas of the Smart Prague Concept, the appropriate development of which is described through specific, qualitatively set strategic goals. Each of the defined strategic goals is described within the SPI through specific quantifiable indicators and grouped into thematic areas

smart prague

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