To increase the number of employed young people


The Seoul City Job Café, located in Jeonno, Sincheon and other areas densely populated with young people, is a place for job seekers ages 18 to 39. The café provides up-to-date job information, job counseling, employment counseling and various other employment support programs, as well as classroom rentals. All programs and services are free.

Classrooms are considered the most important factor for young people preparing for employment, so Seoul City has set up employment cafes in private institutions such as educational cafes and language institutes, as well as in government institutions. The cafes provide about 60 study lounges with a capacity of 2 to 10 people free of charge.

There are currently 78 cafes in operation.
During 2018, that number will increase to 90
<3 hours/day one person can use the room

2018 Project Launch


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The universe solves your things without your participation
Often I realized that when you plan and control your things, finally it's going in by a different way. I have changed my behavior...
The soul does not think or speak, but feels and knows
Feel your instincts and inner comfort. If the mind succeeds in interpreting the information of the soul, a discovery is born.
Personality is a balance of community
Any community should have 50/50 coverage of males and females. Personalities should cover the following type groups: 

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