The virtual power plant on blockchain


Sonnen Group has launched a new virtual Power Plant (VPP) that will store any excess energy regarded as “waste.” The VPP will run on a blockchain, and participants of the program will make payments in digital currency. The VPP is a network of decentralized and distributed energy units, such as wind power plants, solar parks, and storage systems. VPP Sonnen in northeastern Germany will use blockchain to absorb excess wind energy by charging batteries. When more renewable energy than needed, this waste is called curtailment. Sonnen will use a blockchain application created by EW Origin to map the projected excess wind energy to the VPP storage capacity. Once the grid operator reports the expected excess energy, Sonnen’s VPP will actively
absorb some of it and use EW Chain for financial settlement. The solution will use the stable EWDai coin on the Ethereum network.


The use of blockchain will allow the company to offer customers a perfect smart network that is more efficient than the current system.

Project Announcement:

March 2020.




Industry and energy



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