Bee Smart City Accelerates Smart City Transformation

With BeeSmart expertise and through our global smart city network and knowledge center offer specialized services for Cities and Communities, Solution Providers, Event Organizers, and Real Estate Companies to accelerate the transformation to smart sustainable cities, to facilitate smart district and smart building development, to market solutions more efficiently and to better reach their respective target groups or to improve stakeholder engagement.

Cities & Communities

BeeSmart helps cities and communities to manage the transformation to smarter and more sustainable places for all stakeholders through specialized advisory services, strategy and solution insights, and digital tools.

With our services, we help cities and communities to accelerate their development into smarter and more sustainable places for all stakeholders. Stay informed about smart city strategy insights and lessons learned via our smart city knowledge center. Access has proven solutions and connects with other cities, companies, and experts via our global solution network and community. Make use of our expertise in smart city strategy development and project implementation through our advisory services and manage the transformation process digitally with the smart city toolbox as a powerful SaaS software suite that is tailored to your needs.

Solution Providers

We support solution providers in efficiently marketing their solutions and generating new leads online and offline through our global network as a partner platform of the UN (U4SSC IP) and via our specialized smart city tender service.

BeeSmart  supports solution providers in efficiently showcasing and marketing their solutions online and offline as well as in seizing new business opportunities. With our global smart city tender service, we make the latest smart city tenders available to you, providing you with new business opportunities. Through our focused media services, we achieve a 100% target group focused reach, resulting in lower spread losses, increased visibility, and a higher engagement of potential target customers. In addition, we advise solution providers on the development or optimization of their go-to-market strategies for new solutions.

Event Organizers

Organizers of smart city events value our reach along with our overall market position and reputation, making us a preferred strategic and media partner of many events across the globe to acquire attendees and exhibitors or to enhance the event with additional services.

With our global reach as the largest smart city network and community, as well as with our reputation as the official partner platform of the United for Smart Sustainable Cities Initiative of the United Nations (U4SSC), we serve as a trusted partner for numerous event organizers to increase their visibility in order to acquire more attendees and exhibitors. In addition, we offer customized services to make the most out of your event – from holding keynotes, workshops, and panel discussions to speaker and delegation acquisition. Learn more about the opportunities for your event!

Real Estate Companies

BeeSmart advises real estate companies on the development of the smart district and smart building concepts as well as on corresponding implementation strategies that are aligned with the overarching city strategy. In addition, we scout prop-tech startups and solutions.

For public and private sector real estate companies increasingly recognize that the development of smart districts and smart buildings as well as the optimization of their asset management represent huge opportunities to maintain and foster their competitiveness. Furthermore, they realize that new smart solutions based on IoT and other technologies enable business extensions for existing clients and tenants/residents. At bee smart city we help real estate companies to develop smart district and smart building concepts, we provide relevant market insights, and provide access to existing and new solutions for smart districts, buildings, and homes. In addition, we market development projects and solutions globally through a focused mix of marketing and media services.

BeeSmart Services

Smart City Knowledge

With our smart city knowledge center, we offer free information on successful smart cities and their strategic approaches. We share lessons learned and solutions that they have implemented. We also publish tenders and inform them about upcoming events.

Advisory Services for Cities

BeeSmart provides specialized advisory services to cities with a strong focus on the development of smart city concepts and strategies, along with the identification, selection, and implementation of smart city solutions. We also organize smart city challenges, delegation visits, and workshops.

Smart City Toolbox (SaaS)

BeeSmart currently developing – together with several cities – a Software-as-a-Service Suite for cities to steer and manage the overall smart city strategy and project implementation process. Contact us, if you are interested to join the cities that support the toolbox development.

Media Services

Let your success story be told and draw attention to your solutions. With our advertisement and promotion services, we help you reach the right target groups and personas without spread losses. Increase the visibility of your solutions and services!

Keynotes & Workshops

BeeSmart gives keynote speeches, hold workshops, or moderate and organize panel discussions at several global smart city events. Use our expertise and strong network to create added value by offering engaging formats, expert insights, relevant topics, and contributions by seasoned smart city experts.

Market Insights

Through our global smart city knowledge center, we provide you with the latest information on smart city, district, and building topics. Learn about cities that act to change the return-risk profile of their location and real estate assets through future-oriented urban transformation.







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