The new Brooklyn Queens streetcar


To introduce green transportation into a growing residential area BQX


Brooklyn Queens waterfront neighborhood is growing and needs new transportation. A new streetcar route would be able to serve the needs of neighborhood residents. The construction and implementation of the streetcar are estimated to cost $2.73 billion and generate an economic impact of $30 billion and approximately $1.4 billion will be raised to fund its construction.
The city has announced that it will try to obtain federal funding as well as pursue other sources of funds for the project. The BQX will be linked to other existing modes of transportation, including subways, buses, ferries, and the CitiBike.

400 000 residents will be served by new streetcar

2018 Preparatory work

2023 Finalization of the construction project

2024 Beginning of construction

2029 Commissioning


State: economic impact
Citizens: increased ease of travel




The soul does not think or speak, but feels and knows
Feel your instincts and inner comfort. If the mind succeeds in interpreting the information of the soul, a discovery is born.
Unity of soul and mind making good decisions
The mind has a will but is incapable of controlling external intention. The soul is able to feel its identity with external intention but has no will.



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