Visible light usage as technology for data transfer – 2031 – Green

The solution belongs to American Intel. It has created transmission systems that can use visible light, including infrared or ultraviolet. The development is intended for the transport sphere: cars traveling in one stream will be able to exchange information to prevent accidents.

VLC (Visible Light Communication) technology is based on the transformation of the brightness and flicker frequency of light with an information signal. But this signal is invisible to the human eye because it is transmitted at a very high frequency.

On-board sensors of cars register various road events – accidents, animals or pedestrians on the roadway, damaged pavement. Then the information is sent through the chain to the cars that are driving behind. That is, drivers are aware of the events on the road even before they are in the line of sight.

Visible Light Communication

As transmitters, Intel suggests using brake lights or lights in the back of vehicles. And information will be received by front cameras or special photo sensors on cars.
According to the authors of the report, the prospects for VLC are not limited to vehicles. Any lighting device in factories or streets can potentially be turned into a signal receiver or transmitter. And algorithms can be adapted to collect data and control objects.

The patent landscape also highlights several technical solutions that are not directly related to the “smart city” but are potentially applicable in it. In addition to VLC technology, these are industrial internet, cargo drones, and connected cars that can exchange data with other cars, networks, and services




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