Intel Smart City discoveries how Intel technology in AI is building the future.


Intel® Vision Products provide the capability to distribute AI solutions across a diverse set of products – from the edge to the network, to the cloud – enabling cities to become smarter, safer, and more efficient.

Environmental Monitoring

Intel environmental monitoring solutions enable the observation, control, and sustainable management of infrastructure systems for air quality, recycling, waste management, and water and sewer.


Intel is working with key ecosystem partners to install intelligent nodes on streetlight poles for data collection in order to increase public safety, decrease traffic congestion and even reduce energy consumption.


Intel is working to help cities manage public transit resource services more efficiently, and optimize asset utilization, resulting in solutions ranging from smart parking, traffic management, and public transit optimization.

Public Kiosks

Intel is helping smart cities enhance the lives of residents through the delivery of free value-added services, like public Wi-Fi, wayfinding, and VoIP telephone service, which are available to everyone via public kiosks installed along city streets, at bus stops, and in train stations.




Raise the question rather than to make assumption
Often we create the assumption that our relatives know what we are thinking and that we don't need to say what we actually want.
If you are told that options are limited, don’t believe
If you are told that you have to work for something or someone if you are told that everything in the world comes from hard work,...



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