Mississauga harnesses the creative power of technologies and innovative ideas to enhance the quality of life in Mississauga. Effectively integrates physical, digital, and human systems in the built environment to deliver a sustainable, prosperous, and inclusive future – a Smart City for Everybody!

Mississauga’s Smart City initiatives are about transformational city building and will create vibrant, inclusive communities with a high quality of life. Mississauga will serve as a model of government-led smart city urban development. Mississauga uses technology to address urban opportunities and challenges to create a city where people choose to live, work, and play. Mississauga’s Smart City includes digital initiatives such as Wireless Mississauga (free public Wi-Fi), digital services through the City’s website, apps, and other platforms, computer access and Maker Spaces at our libraries, and many other tools and services.

As a young city, Mississauga has had an opportunity to build technology into our infrastructure, systems, and processes in tandem with the rise of digital technology in our society. The City also values digital technologies’ social, cultural, and economic implications and how they shape our communities. The Smart City Master Plan provides a framework for how The City of Mississauga will approach digital projects, engage with the public, and look at digital transformation. It also launched the Smart City program to provide ongoing initiatives, public engagement, and thought leadership around digital modernization and smart city technologies.

The outcomes we are looking to achieve are ambitious – to enable a sustainable and desirable city, where people feel empowered, safe, healthy, and happy. But, at the core, Mississauga’s Smart City initiatives are about creating A Smart City for Everybody. City representatives believe that when everyone wins, they all win.

Here’s how to use smart technologies to build a 21st-century city:

Creating a Connected City

Mississauga is home to the largest municipally-owned fiber optic network in Canada. Over 800 kilometers of fiber connect over 290+ sites across the City.

Fostering Digital Inclusion

The community’s free wireless internet access facilitates public spaces, with more locations under review.

Supporting Innovation & Ideation

The City of Mississauga currently has over 100 data sets available on our Open Data Catalogue.

A Virtual City Campus

Mississauga is the first Canadian City to make Edu-roam available to its student population, creating a virtual campus using the City’s free public Wi-Fi network.

Engaging Youth and Tech Community

The City is dedicated to helping to engage youth and building a strong tech community by supporting events like Tech and the City.

Mobile and Digital Transformation

The City prides itself on our online service delivery, such as tax self-service, license renewals, and recreation program registration.

Planning and Building

The Planning and Building Department is responsible for the land development approval process, from planning raw land through processing development applications and building permit issuance to final building inspections. The department also provides data and advice to the City Council, citizens, developers, consultants, and landowners on matters affecting the planning and development of the City.

Community Services

Of the six sections of the Community Services Department – Parks and Forestry Division, the Park Planning Section and the Development Section are primarily responsible for providing and developing open space systems and facilities for Mississauga.

The Park Planning Section is responsible for negotiating, commenting on, reviewing, inspecting, and approving work related to development applications on behalf of Community Services. Park and greenbelt development work comply with the Subdivision Requirements Manual’s standards, policies, and procedures.

Planning & Development Committee

This Committee’s main responsibility is to provide a public process as required under the Planning Act to allow an opportunity for the public to express their views on planning-related policies and development applications. The Committee also recommends planning-related policies and the conditions under which site-specific development can occur.

Economic Development Office

Economic development professionals can advise and assist you on a wide range of topics like Site Location Assistance, Business Self-Help Office, Facilitation – of city connections with such organizations as Industry Canada, the Business Development Bank, and the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism enables us to help you to access appropriate government programs and networking opportunities. City also provides comprehensive information advocacy – EDO represents the interests of business and economic development interests in the development and application of government policy and legislation.

By-Laws and Enforcement

The Office of the City Clerk maintains a list of frequently requested ‘By-laws Online’ including Building Permit By-law, Development Charges By-law, Hydro Development Charges By-law, etc. In addition, By-law Enforcement responds to complaints relating to violations of City By-laws, including zoning, property standards, fencing, littering, dumping, noise disturbances, and smoke alarms.

Forms Online

‘Forms Online’ lists the most frequently requested applications, including Consent to Sever, Site Plan Approval, and Condominium Application.

Material Management

The City contracts to supply various goods and services, including construction.

Committee of Adjustment

The Committee of Adjustment is composed of seven members appointed by the Council of Mississauga. The Committee of Adjustment is authorized by the Ontario Planning Act to grant minor variances from the provisions of the Zoning By-law, to permit extensions, enlargements, or variations of existing legal non-conforming uses, and give consent to an owner of land who wishes to sell, convey or transfer an interest “part” of their land.



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