The initiative to change attitudes Citizens' attitudes toward transportation mobility

Mobility Urban Values (MUV)


To improve the transport mobility of city dwellers
Reduction of transport emissions


The basic principle of a platform aimed at improving the mobility
of citizens is gamification – the promotion of changes in habits and behavior
of the general public, based on learning through play, with a combination of digital and physical functions. For some kind of reward, users are invited to swap private transportation for public transportation, walking or cycling. Based on users’ location data, cities will be able to regulate urban planning.
As part of the initiative, citizens are invited to participate in workshops to raise awareness and consciousness among citizens.
By participating in the project, cities also get a tool to design solutions for a specific location and shape a more livable urban environment

5 October 2018 Pilot project in Amsterdam
6 October 2018 Pilot project in Barcelona
25 October 2018 Pilot project in Helsinki


Government: reduced traffic load
Citizens: improved quality of life
Businesses: additional promotion channel


transport emissions




Extinguishes the negative ego in the opposite of you
Health, confidence, or mental comfort. These are the three core things we need to feel satisfied with. Imagine that person getting it.
Stages to raise a civil conflict
I see, and I feel that current governments balance the second and third stages. Something is wrong with our society. Politics don't listen.



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