Amsterdam’s ambition

The city of Amsterdam wants to be climate-neutral by 2050. A major transformation of the energy system is needed to achieve this goal.

The city plans to be completely independent of natural gas by 2040, of fossil fuels by 2050, and in 2030 80% of the electricity used by households must come from solar and wind power.


By 2030 achieve a solar power capacity of 550 megawatts (MW). Including today’s 330 watt/peak solar panels, this equates to 1.67 million solar panels.


The PV Advent Calendar project, led by the AMS Institute and TU Delft, which investigates alternative energy options in the city, has developed a special tool to measure the optimal location of solar panels for each building roof area in Amsterdam. According to the tool’s calculations, a total of 3.25 million solar panels could be installed on Amsterdam’s rooftops, which exceeds the current number by 6.5 times.

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