Why should the government implement green economics? The government covers a broad spectrum as a representative of the citizens as a whole. The ones in government are the citizen’s voices. The government has the authority to implement green economics for our betterment and sustainability as a whole.

The Government Implements Green Economy

There are many positive directions the government is taking to implement a green economy, both now and in the future. The advancements made and continual progress by information technology companies (IT) have opened infinite possibilities for governing the people exceptionally. It is also providing an infinite number of possibilities and opportunities for the sustainable future of all citizens of the Earth. The government is reaching out ecologically, socially, and economically for the benefit of all through the fine-tuning of the green economy. The following list portrays only a minute amount of actions and applications of the government implementing green economics.

  • Awareness, Education, and Skills- The government implements the green economy by helping the general public to be aware of the importance of sustainability, as a whole, by creating opportunities for education and new skills.
  • Resource Efficiency- The government, through green economics, can ensure sufficient food, water, energy, and other natural resources by implementing advanced technologies. This can be done globally while maintaining the quality of the environment at the same time. The government is working on climate change and reducing the further loss of biodiversity through green economics. It is a “Win, Win” situation for all when the government implements green economics.
  • Employment- Through data collected by IT companies and smart technology information is collected and scores of jobs are created and organized in green economics. The industrial, occupational, and fair distribution of jobs is intricately organized through the capacities of smart technology. The wages in green economics are competitive for all workers protecting the environment and aiding in conserving natural resources. The labor markets are efficient through advanced technology in providing the information needed to policymakers, businesses, and job seekers.
  • Integrated Policy and Decision Making- Integrated policy and decision-making have become a worldwide effort through the green economy as a whole. Sustainable development and poverty eradication have taken the spotlight as some of the main issues for the growth of the planet. World leaders have come together in an integrated method of making decisions and policies. Economic growth, employment, and maintaining a healthy ecosystem for all is the goal of those in decision-making and policymaking positions.

The Government and Green Economics

Green economics is similar to ecological economics except for the fact that green economics has a mega political approach and affiliation. The main mission of the green economy is sustainable and fair development for all peoples of the Earth while maintaining a balanced ecological system. The traditional economy has structural flaws that have been long-standing and do not take into account the quality of life for the people as a whole. Under the green economic system, the economy is recovering from the clutches of the past. The green economy promotes simultaneously sustainability and economic growth. The green economy governing is a successful alternative approach to the challenges facing a man. Growth and development are consistent with the pattern of sustainability and living in harmony with the Earth. The green economy governing system provides:

  1. Advancing & Sustainable Economics
  2. Environmental Security
  3. Social Well Being

 The gross domestic product (GDP) is a primary factor in determining and evaluating the health of an overall economy.  In the traditional economy, the governing factor has only viewed the GDP through blind shades. The income and poverty were erased to a certain degree but the cost was great and seemingly irreversible social and environmental flaws emerged. No thought was taken to damage the ecosystem and the surrounding environment. Sustainability was not a guiding factor for the planet and its rule. Wide gaps were created between the common laborer and those in government positions.  So in steps the green economy governing system along with the IT companies to save the system of things from itself.

The traditional government has had a series of failures resulting in increased poverty and damage to the environment. The continual failures in the market made for an ineffective model as far as the sustainability of the Earth and its people. The green economy through the advanced technology of the smart system has a solution for the many struggles and challenges facing man through the ineffective government. So why should the government implement green economics? The government should and has implemented green economics by making a series of institutional reforms, mending the tax situation, and implementing expenditure-based economic policies and tools. The government implements green economics in the best interest of all peoples of the planet.



Unity of soul and mind making good decisions
The mind has a will but is incapable of controlling external intention. The soul is able to feel its identity with external intention but has no will.




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