Help your community stay smart, connected, and safe. At Verizon, the goal is to help improve the quality of life for people living in cities around the world and increase the ways and efficiency in which cities operate. It’s not just about smart technology, connectivity, or applications. It starts with a focus on the people and their basic wants and needs. We partner with each city to design infrastructure, systems, and processes that elevate the way they provide services in new and cost-effective ways.

What are Connected Smart Cities and Communities Solutions?

In many ways, smart city solutions are whatever you need them to be, from lighting that conserves energy and improves visibility to traffic analytics and monitoring that keep vehicles moving and pedestrians and cyclists safer. Using the latest technologies, Verizon can help enhance what you know about your community. With improved data, expanded insights, and better-connected infrastructure, you get a deeper understanding of where you live. Decision-makers are more informed. Resources are better allocated. Citizens are better served. In short, the city is smarter.

How do Connected Smart Cities and Communities Solutions work?

Connected Smart Cities and Communities solutions harness and analyze data using a tightly woven portfolio of wireless networking technologies. Sensors and devices work at the edge to collect data. Whether they are analyzing traffic patterns, monitoring utilities, and resources or beyond, smart city solutions unite small bits of information to provide full visibility. Verizon smart city solutions help you make sense of the data, processing and analyzing it in near real-time and then giving you ways to disseminate those findings to the public. Read more about each of our Connected Smart Cities and Communities solutions below.

Build smart cities with solutions that help improve quality of life.

From population growth to rapid urbanization, communities are facing new challenges to maintaining high standards of livability, resiliency, and sustainability. Using innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication solutions, city executives can help improve efficiency and revolutionize cities to create a better quality of life for both work and play. See how our Smart Cities solutions can make a difference in your world.

Help make your community smart, connected, and safe.

Smart communities are cities, counties, sports venues, college campuses, and corporate facilities that leverage technologies to better engage with citizens. Verizon helps public-and private-sector planners increase economic development, drive citizen engagement and promote sustainability with our suite of smart city solutions. In addition to the IoT and M2M technologies we’ve developed, we’ve also acquired companies like Sensity, an IoT-based platform that supports intelligent LED sensors and other smart city solutions, and LQD WiFi, which makes interactive kiosks that inspire interactive community engagement. We’re developing viable and comprehensive smart platforms that help you unify disparate systems, use resources more efficiently and address an array of community challenges.

With Verizon Smart Cities and Communities, you can collect critical data and gain near real-time visibility into vital operations. This helps you streamline the decision-making process and respond more quickly. For example, if a water pipe breaks, sensors will be able to detect the sudden pressure change and notify public works officials, who could then dispatch the closest field crew for repair. In the event of area flooding, residents could receive alerts, traffic lights could be adjusted to steer drivers toward safety and digital signage could be used for information sharing. This is one of the many ways in which smart city technology can help communities become more resilient.

When a city is a truly smart city, it is able to collect data from IoT and connected machine technologies. Communities can benefit from revenue generation opportunities, make efficient use of limited resources and attract businesses, residents, and workers.

Smart Communities solutions

As cities across the world grow bigger and more complex, they are facing new challenges. They have to maintain high standards of livability, resiliency, and sustainability. Population growth has impacted city economies, housing, and the workforce—but rapid urbanization is also straining resources and stretching budgets. City leaders are committing to smart city objectives to meet social, economic, and environmental demands. They are turning to technology to help their communities become centers of innovation and sustainable growth.

Verizon Smart Communities solutions help city officials use IoT technologies to help solve today’s biggest challenges—like traffic, public safety, energy management, transportation, and citizen engagement.

The Internet of Things makes city planning smarter.

In the past, the various systems that served a community operated independently, making it difficult to view or figure out the best ways to improve overall efficiency. Smart cities’ technologies change all that. Using a powerful combination of advanced networking, cloud, security, and device management tools, we can help you:

  • Get visibility across multiple elements of your community.
  • Use near real-time data to help you deploy resources more accurately.
  • Prioritize changes to meet your community’s most pressing needs.
  • Deliver important information to members of the community at key locations, such as event listings, emergency alerts and hyper-local information.
  • Provide communications infrastructure, like Wi-Fi services, to help support your community’s need to stay connected.
    Pave the way for a smarter city.

Verizon Smart Communities solutions can help municipalities and organizations like yours quickly and cost-effectively support initiatives for managing roadways, utilities, and transportation systems.

Intelligent Lighting helps you control costs and save energy. These solutions and the network use smart technology in a city’s streetlights to regulate light levels based on the surrounding environment.

Traffic Data Services delivers near real-time insights and historical analysis about traffic flow, based on anonymized cellular data to help planners minimize congestion, plan future multimodal transportation, and improve land use.

Intelligent Traffic Management provides tools and analytics to help you see into your infrastructure and optimize the flow of traffic.

Intersection Safety Analytics provides 24×7 data and analytics that give insights into how cities and transportation leaders can improve the safety of citizens traveling on the roads.

Parking Optimization is a cloud-based, managed service solution that uses computer vision analytics to provide actionable insights to help you better understand parking patterns and pain points, and ultimately optimize revenue, and create better parking experiences.

Intelligent Video with edge analytics makes it possible to get eyes on remote property and assets without investing time and resources on streaming footage.

Real-Time Response System is a decision-support solution that integrates and compiles data from multiple sources, such as computer-aided dispatch, video sensors, record management systems, and third-party databases, providing a consolidated, accurate, and near real-time view of the city.

Get smarter power and gas.

We also offer solutions for the utilities to undergird your community. Verizon Grid Wide Utility Solutions help you modernize your grid infrastructure and drive incremental revenue, control operating costs, and increase efficiency.

Smart communities

Smart communities are cities, counties, sports venues, college campuses, and corporate facilities that leverage technologies to increase efficiencies and better engage with citizens.

Keep ahead of your community’s demands.

With Smart Communities solutions, you can scale resources and services in response to your changing demands. That helps you stay more competitive in the global market—attracting new residents, consumers, investors, and businesses that value the convenience and reliability of a supportive infrastructure.

Why Verizon

We own and operate the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, as well as a tightly integrated ecosystem of IoT and wireless network technologies. This ecosystem is built on Verizon ThingSpace, a web-based, open development environment for customers and developers to manage, develop, and deploy IoT solutions. ThingSpace accelerates IoT adoption. In addition, our experts can help you develop tailored plans to use natural resources more efficiently, improve public safety, increase non-tax revenue, engage residents and advance urban renewal efforts.



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