Management information system MIS – Information processing system that supports the decision-making of a community city or organization.

MIS is a data processing system designed to supply internal and external information necessary for decision-making at all levels of management.

In contrast to a simple data processing system, an information system has a broader base of data collection, a more complex system of processing, and a larger volume of information output.

The main purpose of an MIS is to integrate information of different types. For example, reporting data or payment documents may be different for different businesses. The information system must be able to integrate heterogeneous information.

Since management depends not only on information about its products but also on external information, the system must integrate both internal and external information.

Different parts of management need different kinds of information. Higher-level management needs external information, necessary for strategic planning, lower-level management needs more internal information, necessary for control. An MIS should be useful for both.




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